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Free desktop cleaner

PrivaZer Portable is a free application created by Goversoft that works as both a security program and a disk cleaner. This software enables you to optimize your computer's performance by removing various unnecessary files from the hard drive. With just a simple click, it is capable to do an in-depth cleanup in the most secure way. Unlike other cleaning utilities, this tool focuses on protecting your privacy, at the same time, boosting the system's overall performance.

Safely get rid of useless files with ease

PrivaZer Portable allows you to do more than a hundred analysis and cleanups in various system areas. These include your browser cookies, shortcuts, thumbnails cache. It can also remove your office and photo editing program histories, autocomplete log in Internet browsers, and Microsoft games history. To free up more space, you can conduct an even more thorough check by detecting residual traces from old files. The app is also capable of doing a smart cleanup of free spaces Jumplists and Prefetch. Moreover, it automatically recognizes the type of storage device—magnetic disks and SSD—and adapts its erasure algorithms. 

With its straightforward and intuitive user interface, you will be able to easily and effectively operate this system cleaning program. Once PrivaZer scans your system and your external storage devices, you will be presented with easy-to-follow visualization of its findings. It also provides you with exact data on how many issues it detected in different sectors. The cleaning process will only take a few minutes. However, the entire scanning depends on the number of errors determined.

In most cases, the previously deleted files can still be recovered with the help of an expert recovery software. Fortunately, this robust program performs a cleanup of residual traces in the file tables—FAT or MFT. As mentioned, in the free space also to avoid any possibilities of recovery, even with the use of third-party programs. Through the shredder function, you can carry out a definitive and irreversible deletion of files or directories of your choice.

Excellent system cleaner

Overall, PrivaZer Portable is an exceptional system cleaner. It covers tons of sectors to analyze and clean up. Its simple interface makes it possible to easily be accessed even by a non-technically knowledgeable person. On top of that, it features a function that will make a certain file impossible to be recovered even with the aid of an expert data recovery software.


  • More than a hundred of analysis and cleanups in various areas
  • Optimizes your computer's performance
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Highly secured


  • No backup registry option


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PrivaZer Portable


PrivaZer Portable 4.0.9 for PC


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